Download Instagram Proxy Manager Module for Nextpost Instagram Nulled


The proxy manager is not extends from original proxy manager from Nextpost but also have many features that let you easily to manage proxy for users it.


  • Choose package type for proxy
  • Limit the usage
  • Auto detect country for proxy
  • Set proxy for user
  • Bulk replacce
  • Log usage
  • Auto remove proxy when package expired
  • CSV import
  • Search bar for proxies and users

This module is not standalone app. You need to get main Nextpost Instagram app to use this module.

Our Feature

The best module for managing all the proxies. Now just use the module and everything will be done easier.


v1.4 - 11.11.2018
- Fix: Wrong package field
- Fix: Search user and jump to another page
- Fix: Event trigger not working in cron job
- Fix: Can not insert log to database
- Fix: Proxy is not allocated correct in version 4.2
- Fix: Proxy are not hide in version 4.2
- Fix: Render wrong account page in version 4.2
- Add: Assign proxy for ALL packages
- Add: Add log for two fa
- Add: Add log fo challenge required in version 4.2

v1.3 - 29.10.2018
- Fix: Checking for new and exist account
- Fix: Compare version between v4.0 and v.42
- Fix: Refresh count of proxy when user want to use their own proxy
- Fix: Proxies model not correctly in PMAccountController
- Fix: Prefix for proxies model in PMAccountController
- Add: Compatible with Nextpost v4.2
- Add: Add log when admin set proxy for user
- Add: Validate proxy and account are available or not
- Add: Support column limit usage, and package type for builk upload
- Add: User can switch from their proxy to proxy system
- Add: Check is account already added by another user
- Add: Check account is using this proxy or not before set proxy

v1.2 - 27.10.2018
- Fix: Check file exsits before deleting file
- Fix: Wrong count number of proxy used in deleting account
- Fix: use_count column has been used by system so replace it by assign_count
- Fix: if proxy used by user then show it, otherwise hide it
- Fix: Log has an empty user_id, account and continue to log allocated after relogin
- Fix: re-login account assigned to new proxy
- Fix: Refresh count of proxy after save proxy's settings
- Fix: When user or account has been deleted, the log of proxy will be removed
- Fix: Refresh count of proxy when added new account
- Add: Hide replace proxy field in add new
- Remove: Check proxy is valid or not in assign proxy

v1.1 - 30.09.2018
- Fix: major bugs

v1.0 - 14.09.2018
- Complete: Proxy Manager

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